Citizens for Roadless Area Defense would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the following folks who helped to make this site so great:

  • Josh Hmielowski of ZGtec: design and programming (entirely pro bono what a guy!!!)
  • Richard Compton: maps and many photos
  • Jeff Stephens: RA descriptions
Kudos to the following C-RAD volunteers who helped develop the content for the site:
  • Leslie Cook, information committee chair
  • Sandy Jackson and Jim Campbell, co-chairs of the user group/adopt-a-roadless-area committee
  • Volunteers/committee members Hans Ayers, Eric Bindseil, Ben Bohmfalk, David Boyle, Robert & Carla Comey, Marilyn Cook, Bob Cornez, Chuck & Doris Downey, Valerie Durand, Sue Edelstein, Paula Fothergill, James Gilliam, Brent Hanes, Kay Hannah, Paul Hempel, Gary Hubbell, Ann Jeffrey, Joanne Jimino, Sam & Ann Johnson, David & Maureen Kerr, Marshall Kettner, Bruce Kime, Christa Knittle, Petar Kovacic, Mary Lilly, Soozie Lindbloom, Jon & Martha Lindenberg, Katie Marshall, Bob Millette, Jose Miranda, Dolly Moore, Kathy & Gary Morary, Brett Nelson, Ken Neubecker, Maggie Pederson, Tom Penzel, Ginny Poster, Aron Ralston, Rachel Richards, Warren Rider, Betsy Rosolack, BJ Schmidt, Bob Shettel, Steve Smith, Bill Spence, Mark Stevens, JD Sturgill, Gayle & Dick Wells, Sylvia Wendrow

Additional photo credits:
  • Leslie Cook
  • David Hiser
  • Janis Huggins
  • Soozie Lindbloom
  • Pete McBride
  • Ken Neubecker
  • Maggie Pederson
  • Brad Yule

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